Domestic Funeral Shipping

Losing a loved one is an extremely challenging experience and the need to move the physical remains over significant distances adds a further layer of complications. Domestic funeral shipping is the transportation of human remains within the United States. If the departed is to be moved a short distance, your funeral professional will usually offer their services to transfer the deceased by land, charged at an additional mileage rate. When the distance exceeds their travel range, the funeral director hires a carrier specializing in the transport of human remains over land known as a mortuary transport company. If you must have your loved one’s body transported over many miles, you should consider opting for domestic air transportation, which is regulated by the airlines. The funeral directors of International Funeral Service of New York, Inc. would be honored to have your loved one brought to or from any state in America in a respectful and economical manner.

Our funeral directors will promptly handle all details of domestic mortuary shipping, including the collection and removal of the body and the completion and filing of any required documentation.

The funeral home that you choose to perform these services may have affiliates in each state that they have developed a close working relationship with. The funeral director will liaise with the funeral home that you select as the destination to ensure a seamless service for the deceased. The funeral director should be able to transport your loved one’s remains, including the casket, to any location in the United States. Since it is a delicate matter, the funeral home should fully involve you in the process of transporting your loved one.

If your loved one will be embalmed at the receiving funeral home or is not going to be embalmed at all, an appropriate method of refrigeration must be utilized to preserve the remains during transportation. The body may be packed in ice or put into a refrigerated container. If the deceased has been embalmed before being transported, such measures should be unnecessary. The legislation regulating the need for embalming may be different from state to state, and its use is therefore dependent on where the departed is being taken from and to.

Another option is to arrange for the cremation of your loved one and then domestically ship the resulting ashes. The funeral experts of International Funeral Service of New York, Inc. offer affordable direct cremation and the domestic shipping of cremains and are always available to discuss your needs and wishes. We are proud of our reputation for excellence and personalized service. We are able to save you money on shipping expenses while operating under the most rigorous professional standards. Please contact us today with any questions, issues or concerns.