We ship all over the world. As world renowned experts in funeral shipping, we process all the necessary documentation required by the different consulates for international shipping in a timely manner. Our organization was created for this purpose and our experience enables us to keep costs down and work as efficiently as possible. We have been servicing families as well as funeral homes nationwide for years. As we continue to build out our website adding countries and cites all over the world, you can rest assured we ship to your country. If you don’t find your city on this page, call us at (718) 282-0666 for great prices and support to your final destination.


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Ashford Dull Medium Walnut $2650
Ashford Semi Gloss Medium Sturbridge Finish $2650
Atlantic Monarch Blue Finish $2740
Atlantic Russet Bronze Finish $2740
Atlantic Silver Finish $2740
Birch Wood Shipping Box $900
Cambridge Medium Golden Ivory Finish $2470
Clairmont Neopolitan Blue with Ebony Finish $3480
Clairmontb Silver Finish $3480
Clairmont Venetian Bronze $3480
Daniel Dark Cambridge Finish $3730
Endicott Dark Cambridge Finish $2890
Going Home Spruce Blue $3340
Highland Cabernet Finish $3210
Highland Sahara Gold $3210
Jessup Almond Shaded Gold $1595
Jessup Blue Shaded Silver Finish $1595
Jessup Copper Shaded Ebony Finish $1595
Jessup Ebony Shaded Gold $1595
Jessup Wineberry and Silver Finish $1595
Marblehead Dark Golden Walnut Finish $5640
Monarch Bronze Shaded Copper Finish $2430
Monarch Charcoal $2430
Monarch Sandstone $2430
Monarch Silver Rose and Silver Finish $2430
Monarch White Shaded $2430
Mother Orchid and Silver Finish $3380
Pieta Brushed Gold Metallic Bronze $5100
Pieta Brushed Natural Neopolitan Blue $5100
Pieta Silver Finish $5100
Pieta Spring Beige Russet Bronze $5100
Springfield Copper Glo Autumn Haze $4220
Springfield Gold Dark Bronze $4220
Springfield London Blue $4220
Springfield Ochid $4220
Springfield Silver Pearl Finish $4220
Valencia Autumn Haze Finish $1895
Valencia Light Orchid Finish $1895
Valencia London Blue Finish $1895
Valencia White Finish $1895